The Witcher: 10 Beautiful Pieces Of Yennefer Fan Art (2023)

By Ericka Blye

Despite making her first official appearance in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Yennefer of Vengerberg is an important character in the Witcher games.

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Despite making her first official appearance in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Yennefer of Vengerberg is an important character in the Witcher games released by CD Projekt Red. Quite a few things about her can only be discovered by reading the books, like her history and the true depth of her relationship with Geralt and Ciri, but the games do still capture this powerful sorceress' no-nonsense and confident attitude.RELATED:The Witcher 3: 10 Worst Things Done By The Wild Hunt, RankedYennefer is a hit with fans of both the books and the games, and it's not hard to see why from her talents, her looks, and the lengths she'll go to ensure the safety of her loved ones. There's tons of gorgeous fanart out there for her, and here are 10 of the most beautiful ones we could find.



10 The Best Girl With IAHFY

Quite a number of fans would find it hard to argue with the title of Iah_fy's Yennefer fanart calling her "best girl". One of the endings of you can get with Yennefer cromes from playing the Blood and Wine expansion, where you can have Geralt retire with her at his estate in Corvo.

Iah_fly's fanart depicts an idyllic moment that Geralt is sure to have with the lovely sorceress at his side. There's a second version of this very piece of fanart on Iah_fy's twitter though it (and several of her other fan works) or a little on the mature side.

9 A Girl And Her Bird With Anastasiya Chorna

The Witcher: 10 Beautiful Pieces Of Yennefer Fan Art (3)

This stunning piece of Yennefer fanart is by Anastasiya Chorna. Chorna is an art lead at European indie game developer iLogos Game Studios. It's easy to see how she got her position with her talent, and her fanart of Yennefer is only one piece of amazing art in her portfolio on ArtStation.

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Chorna's fanart features Yennefer with some type of black bird, a seemingly magical one since its eyes are glowing. Yennefer is often associated with ravens and even has a magic raven in the Witcher 3, though in the books it's a black kestrel that the sorceress uses.

8 Brought To Life With Hugo Gomez

The Witcher: 10 Beautiful Pieces Of Yennefer Fan Art (4)

Fanart doesn't just pertain to traditional 2D art on paper or on the computer, as shown with Hugo Gomez's 3D Yennefer Fanart. The sculptor decided to use his craft to express how much of a fan of Yennefer he is, by making an actual model of the powerful sorceress.

He got it 3D printed and did the paint job himself, sparing no detail into making this 3D fanart a real work of art. There are little details everywhere from the pattern in her scarf and tights, to the curls in her hair.

7 Feel The Magic With Julijana Mijailovic

The Witcher: 10 Beautiful Pieces Of Yennefer Fan Art (5)

Probably the best relationship in the Witcher games is the family bond Yennefer and Geralt share with Ciri. The two of them had developed a deep and parental bond with her as a child, each in their own way, and how much they care for Ciri (and how much she cares for them) is apparent in The Witcher 3.

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They're a trio that can't be beaten, and Julijana Mijailovic's fanart set of the three of them shows why. Yennefer's is especially powerful, as she's captured in the middle of performing a spell.

6 Yennefer's Birds With Ines92

The Witcher: 10 Beautiful Pieces Of Yennefer Fan Art (6)

Ines92's wonderful art of Yennefer isn't the first time she's tried her hand at capture the Sorceress. Back in 2010, she drew everyone's favorite sorceress but it was before Witcher 3 came out, so Yennefer's design was a little different from what was officially given her. The artwork shown above is her most recent rendition of Yennefer, in one of her official outfits from the game.

Ines92's artwork of Yennefer even drew the attention of the official Witcher game Twitter as they featured her artwork in a tweet!

5 Something Darker With Hegzer

The Witcher: 10 Beautiful Pieces Of Yennefer Fan Art (7)

This lovely piece of Yennefer fanart is by Hegzer. Yennefer seems calm and focused as she channels her magic in one hand while snow swirls around her. It is a beautiful piece that sets a somber and quiet mood. Hegzer only has a few pieces of their work on Deviantart, with the rest on their ArtStation page.

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Yennefer is the only one from the Witcher that they have drawn, so far, but they have several lovely pieces of original art and some of Meleena from Mortal Kombat.

4 Lilac Love With KATRIONA

The Witcher: 10 Beautiful Pieces Of Yennefer Fan Art (8)

Artist Kartriona01 might have only been posting her art on Deviantart for a short time, but the few pieces she has on her page shows a real talent for art. One of her amazing pieces is of Yennefer, with a lovely background of lilacs.

Lilacs are often associated with Yennefer because it's apart of her signature scent that is mentioned in the books and the game. Along with gooseberries, it makes for a sweet and tart enchanting scent. Katriona01 is able to pull her own magic as she makes this piece of digital artwork look like it's painted!

3 A Touch of Realism With Elisa Guerra

The Witcher: 10 Beautiful Pieces Of Yennefer Fan Art (9)

Elisa Guerra's fanart of Yennefer almost looks like it was pulled from the game itself! Elisa Guerra mentions in her post that she used different techniques and brushes to get an art style different from her own.

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Yennefer isn't the only lady from The Witcher series that Elisa Guerra has drawn. She also has done fanart of Triss, Ciri and Anna Henrietta from The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine expansion pack. The bright purple background really highlights her profile and gives her an extra dazzling look.

2 Hop On Board With Ilya Dykov

The Witcher: 10 Beautiful Pieces Of Yennefer Fan Art (10)

Ilya Dykov is the Art Lead for the company Loóna. And while he has many original pieces on his ArtStation profile, he has a Witcher one as well, featuring this gorgeous piece of Yennefer. Ilya Dykov's fanart of the sorceress does well to capture her energy and personality.

The camera angle, lighting and brushwork really makes for an awesome looking scene. You can also see Geralt's face in the mirror for a nice final touch and gives off the impression that the two are having a pretty deep conversation.

1 A Shade of Horror With IrenHorrors

The Witcher: 10 Beautiful Pieces Of Yennefer Fan Art (11)

There are many words that come to mind when one describes Yennefer of Vengerberg. And while beautiful is one of the main ones, powerful is another defining quality of hers. IrenHorrors does a great job of capturing all of Yennefer's power, grace, and beauty in her own dark and macabre style.

IrenHorrors is a freelance artist from Russia that takes inspiration from Victorian Gothic fashion, dark tales, folklore and more. She's created several more Witcher related fanwork on display on her Deviantart, but her original art is also worth looking at!

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